fishingWhile vacationing in Maldives last December, one of the things we did was go fishing. To me, a child of a landlocked country, it didn’t sound too horrible. We went off around 9pm. And everything was ready, everyone having a line, we threw them in and waited.

We waited. And waited. Let me just mention: I don’t consider myself as an impatient person. But the wait was not short! On the bright side, I did catch a fish. A red snapper. Then had to Google if red snappers were Kosher [hehehe]
But while we waited, I came to my first conclusion: Fishing is not a hobby I would pick. Maybe when I am 65 and have faaar less things to do/ can think of less better things to do instead of sitting around waiting for fish .

But the one thing I found interesting was, fish flesh is actually used as bait. Not worms like in the movies (gladly so, I would not want to be touching worms anyhow!). But fish is used as bait to catch fish.

Now think about that. One of its own is used to draw the other to the line. And the only reason a fish gets hooked is because it was willing to eat one of its own. I found that a little disturbing. Made me wonder if fish are generally blind, undiscerning or just not intelligent. Then that thought led to me wondering if fish actually think of themselves as intelligent, or is thinking about intelligence levels one of the narcissistic human traits?

The red snapper was barbecued for lunch the next day, and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the fish that was willing to eat the flesh of another•


8 thoughts on “Fish-canibalism

  1. Meaning “Répondez s’il vous plaît”, replying to the invitation you will be sending to all bloggers on While others will be confirming their presence, I am confirming my absence now, before the invitation comes :p

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