After spending a whole day looking for the perfect work shoes, I was just about ready to give up. The one pair I did fall absolutely in love with was 3 times my budget. I like shoes, yes, but I also like my flat. So I went home, drowned my sorrows in cookie-dough ice cream and wallowed over the perfect pair of shoes.

Mom called later that evening, asking how shoe shopping had gone. She knew, by the sound of my voice, I hadn’t found a pair. Well, she knew I had found a few pairs – including the pair I couldn’t possibly afford on my stipend. She said something that I think will stay with me for years, since I will not be living forever.
“Honey, when you go out and look for things like shoes and clothes, you don’t need to go for the ‘exquisite’ ones; be it a blouse or a dress. Just like choosing friends, you need the ones you are comfortable with. So you go tomorrow and you try again. You will be shocked to find you can actually afford to buy maybe two pairs of not-so-exquisite shoes that are not only nice but super comfortable. And should you find yourself in a queue at the bank or super market, those shoes won’t be pinching your toe or just downright painful and you will be glad you bought them!”

I woke up the next day with those words in mind, and lo and behold, I did find another pair. A beautiful pair actually. Very comfortable and practical, yet they looked nothing like orthopedic shoes! Long story short, I found my pair. Pretty shoes in hand, which were (cheap) not exorbitantly priced but crazy comfortable, a big smile on my face, I was off to buy some celebratory cookie dough ice cream!

I found exquisite shoes. That is reason to celebrate in my books!



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