In Time


They say good things come to those who wait.
Guess I haven’t waited long enough to love and cherish you like you deserve.
To appreciate the beauty of your smile and the softness of your laugh.

I stopped lying to myself after I realised that I was afraid to let you go
But I’m still scared to let you know how broken I am.

Lost in the tones of hurt and regret,
Our memories seem so unreal, a distant fading dream.
Almost like a fabricated fairy tale.
I’m bruised but I still can’t and won’t love you any less.

Going down memory lane pains me but if the pain is the only reminder I have of you then I guess I’ve found my remedy.

Like they say,
‘Good things come to those who wait’
just like I’d wait a million days to see you smile again.
Besides, what’s there to look forward to when the best thing that could ever happen to you has already happened?

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