A smell and a scent

hospI can think of one scent I dislike. I am nosocomephobic, I have a fear of hospitals. Ever since I was a child, I naturally associated hospitals with illness and death. By God’s grace, I am not the sickly type. Wheew! One smell, I cringe, my insides twist and threaten to do something out of character.

rainAnd then, there is a scent that never fails me. It lifts my spirits and makes my heart glad. The smell of summer rain hitting the dry ground. The smell of nature mingling with itself, as the ground sings to the sound of the splatters of rain drops. Summer rain. My favourite kind of rain. And as the rain subsides, the rainbow graces the sky with its magnificent beauty, reminding men of their covenant with God- their Maker; never to destroy the Earth with water. It is such an assurance, that God in His goodness never ceases to be faithful. I always imagine the rain as a gift of life to us, as it replenishes our home with life. And then, as if its the finishing touch, the rainbow is the bow on the gift.


Daily Prompt – Scent

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