HPT (Home Pregnancy Test)


This cannot be happening.
Two lines means I am pregnant.

Oh no!
Oh noo!!
Oh nooo!

I picked up the phone, swallowing hard and called him. He said he was already on his way. We had a date that day. I had forgotten all about it, reasonably so…
I will just have to tell him. Contraceptives aren’t a 100% safe, I know, but it sucks to have to end up being a statistic.

But then again,
Mom had me while she was on the pill too.
Guess that is where this resilient reproduction gene comes from.

This isn’t going to go well.
But I have to tell him.

The bell rang. I opened the door to be confronted by a grinning Jamie. He looked awfully happy to see me, and here I was, not very happy because of the news I had. This is going to go badly, I can feel it. With excitement, he picked me up in an embrace and nuzzled my neck.

Boy, oh boy, did I miss you,” he said. He put me back on my feet but kept his arms tight around me. It had been 5 weeks since we’d last seen each other. He was back now, and I had missed him so much. We went to my room. We lay on my bed, as he told me all about his trip. He sounded so happy, I could’t help but smile, momentarily forgetting that my world had suddenly changed.

He turned, looked me in the eyes and said, “how have you been? You still look beautiful!”
I felt my skin turn beet. I shrugged, “you thought 5 weeks apart and I’d be all sullen and gloomy?”, I teased. He kissed my forehead and smiled. I sat up and turned to him.

“Jamie, I have something to tell you.” He sat, saying, “sure”. I swallowed hard. How do people do this? I closed my eyes shut and took a deep breath. He took my hands in his, giving me the confidence to just tell him. Then I thought maybe I should just show him.

I got off the bed and led him to the bathroom. He gave me a questioning look, I nervously smiled at him. “Jamie, I am pregnant,” as I gave him the stick. He looked at it for a second, then said, “Pregnant? Are you sure? Did you do it right?”
I couldn’t read his face, for some reason. I couldn’t recognize the look. He looked at me, as if he was expecting me to answer. So, as calmly as I could, I did,

“‘Did I do it wrong?’ For goodness sake Jamie, you pee on a stick. It’s idiot proof!”



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