I wanna come into your life, invade your mind and steal your thoughts. I wanna turn your life upside down and still make you smile. And I will break your heart…

I wanna be the mystery you’ll desire. I wanna be the image that tenses up your muscles the moment it appears and I will break your heart…

I’ll walk towards you, smiling as if the sun is my long lost lover and hypnotize you with that very smile. My wild eyes will haunt you. My lips will lightly pat your cheek and these scarlet lips will be all you yearn for. You’re gonna think about me and I’m gonna break your heart…

You’re gonna invite me to dinner at your place. I’ll come with a bottle of wine and no panties on. We’ll have torrid sex on your staircase and make love to you and your mind… I’ll wake up in your arms, wake up to your touch. You’ll kiss me on the forehead lovingly, tell me you love me and I’ll smile like a woman in love.

I’ll bring you coffee at the office and you’ll bring me lunch at the studio and gape at my works of art. You’ll kiss me passionately. I’ll tell you I love you. You’ll tell me you’ll love me forever. Little will you know… Ooh, I going to break your heart…

We’ll take a drive into the country, walk on the beach, hand-in-hand as we watch the sun slowly make love to the mountains.

You’ll ask me to come to your place for the night. I’ll say I’m tired and have a lot of work to do the next day. You’ll try calling the studio and get voicemail. You’ll show up on my doorstep, tell me you couldn’t have any work done during the day. Get on one knee, ask me what I’m doing for the rest of my life ’cause you have great plans for us. A bold voice in the background will say, “Baby, the water in the tub is growing cold.”

The sparkle in your eyes will freeze and break to a thousand pieces that will drop a crystal tear. I’ll utter the words,

“Mission accomplished”

Daily Prompt – Lovingly


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