Conversation with Mom

Was on a video call with my Mother yesterday. We hadn’t had those in a while, it was about time we did. It was on my brother’s Mac, so she claimed the video quality was a lot better. One of the things she did mention was that I looked healthier, my skin looked nourished, its always nice to know that my new healthy lifestyle is showing!

Mom: And your skin looks beautiful, it’s glowing!
Me: Could be the rose water hey
Mom: It actually works?
Me: Honestly, I am not sure. Maybe,Β 
Mom: And your lips look plump,your eye lashes are lush, your eyes seem clearer too!
Me: Plump lips huh? Too bad there is no boy to kiss!
Mom: I am glad!! [she giggled]
Me: I am only saying this because I think you may not know, but it is that attitude that has made you a 55 year old with no grandchildren of her own!
Mom: {bursting into laughter] I am well aware!! But I honestly think none of you are ready for it, and I am not going to be anyone’s babysitter! I like the freedom of an empty nest, although it gets too quiet sometimes. Sometimes I think of having a child since I still haven’t reached menopause and …Β 
Me: Mom, please, can I not think of you mating with Dad? According to me, you two only did it when you had us; which makes it exactly 4 times!!

Daily Prompt – Lush

Daily Prompt – Aware


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