I feel empty.
I find myself try’na fill this gap, the gap that awaits your arrival.

I feel I’ve been lost.. No bearings, no compass.
You were my true north,
I could always steer for home when you were my home…
You came into my dream last night with that smile that always held me like a lover and
rocked me like a child. I woke up and you were gone.

I spent the day reminiscing about my night and I wake up at night in a cold sweat ’cause all my dreams of you seem so real.
You stalk my thoughts during the day and haunt my dreams at night.
And when your not on my mind or in my dreams, I feel empty.
Like someone dug a hole or I just had an essential part of my being ripped from me.
The gashes weep day and night, drenching my lonely soul.

Nothing makes me happy anymore.
The sun seems to have gone bleak too and the moonlight doesn’t seem to dance like it used to.
Most of all, nothing seems to matter.
Breathing has become a task.
The break of dawn is just another reminder that I have to live, yet another day, without you.

He gave me his best.
His warmth was too lukewarm.
It just wasn’t good enough.
I guess its true what they say,
The one who has your heart makes it harder for whoever is coming next.

Nothing can ever replace you.
So, I will not go around looking for something new to fill the void you left in the hollows of my heart.

I’ll just wait, for as long as you’ll come back, I’ll just wait for your return.
Wait for your return and let you fill this emptiness with all the kisses, touches, caresses and the warmth its been deprived of since you been gone.


Say all the words I’ve been yearning to hear and leave my heart all warm and fuzzy.

And when I’m gone and they ask,
“what was a girl like that doing with a boy like that??”,

I wish someone would say,

“Loving him.”

Daily Prompt – Lukewarm

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