Hopeful Dreams

About 70% people meet the people they will marry by the age of 16. Some statistics say up to 86%, with 15% marrying their high school sweethearts.

At 23, I entertain the thought (rather, hope) that I am yet to meet the man I will marry. Sounds crazy, maybe.

But at the moment, we are the perfect strangers, oblivious of each other’s existence and the potential our union will have. We go on waiting for one to find the other, on a cold day or maybe a warm day.

We haven’t met but we are both happy, on our own, not expecting someone else to make us happy. We enjoy our solitude and never feel lonely when we are by ourselves.

We are patiently waiting to have our paths cross and become so entangled, I will not be able to tell mine from yours. And Instead of trying to undo the knots, we will tread down this new knitted path into what we will be our new reality.

We will discover new elements of ourselves and new beams of happiness. We will fight and make up. The parts that were broken by people in our pasts will not be ugly cracks but more of, spaces where more of our love will fit.

I’ve never been one who believed in being a half wondering around, hoping to find my other half. Because when it comes to these things, half plus half is equal to two halves. But I believe I am a whole, waiting for another whole, who will be the other face on the other side of my coin.

And together, 1 plus 1, we will become one.

11 thoughts on “Hopeful Dreams

  1. I really like how you said you were a whole looking for another whole because I think so many people look for a partner to complete them when in reality that isn’t really a healthy thing to look for. When I was younger I felt like I needed someone to love me so that I could love myself and I can be complete but now that I’m in a better place I realize that I need to find myself and be my own priority and love myself before someone else can πŸ™‚

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  2. I met my Tamahome (It’s not his real name) two years back. In fact, we could’ve met 5 years earlier. We were just across the street, but we never knew of each other’s existence, like you mentioned. I could completely relate to this post.

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