The Sun

I generally dislike glitter for a very simple reason: it shines. I own nothing that is bedazzled, nor do I adorn myself with jewelry. I guess this is normal, I was raised to value modesty.

Nature has always boasted of its beauty, naturally, it is a reflection of its Source, Creator and Sustainer; God. And the only glittery things that have captured my eye were always in nature, all of which involved the Sun.

  • The beams of the sun penetrating the clouds as it set. We flew above the clouds. I was travelling to Asia when I saw that. Took my breath away. The Sun, light as molten gold, sheered through the clouds in a light gold glow.
  • The desert sunrise. With numerous transits in the Middle East, I’ve watched the sunrise on more than one occasion. As the sun slowly moves from the hollows of the earth and into the sky, it looks so small and insignificant. But as it moves further from the hills, it seems to gain more momentum and starts to show off its beauty. Before it becomes blinding, it shines like a floating gem.
  • And my absolute favourite: the sun setting over the sea, as the water reflects the gleaming sun. Diamond water. That’s what the ocean then looks like.

All the things I’ve enjoyed in nature, I’ve feasted on with my eyes and they’ve left prints on my heart; never to be forgotten!

Daily Prompt – Glitter

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