She wondered…

It was a good day.
She did everything she loved.
She had bubbly company,
She had her favorite cake.
She laughed, she sang.
She walked in the drizzle,
Posed for goofy pictures.
She had a smoke on a quiet balcony,
Soaking in the amazing view of the city below.
She had a friend who listened,
Someone who laughed at all the ironies of life, with her.
She had friends who sang her favorite songs for her,
Despite being obviously awful at it.
She was blessed and she knew it.

But there was something that lacked.
Something she missed.
Something she desperately wanted.
She found her answer as she tucked herself into bed,
And took out her phone.
In the gallery, she found the smile that completed her day.
The smile that made her smile, no matter what.
I wonder if he ever missed me, she asked herself.
She wondered if he ever took out his phone and looked at her picture, they way she did.
She wondered if he ever thought of her,
In the middle of a crazy day.
She wondered if she ever made him smile,
The way he constantly did,
Probably without even realizing.
She wondered if he thought of her at all.

She shrugged off the thoughts,
She wasn’t going to over think tonight,
Cause it was a good day.
And if she had learnt anything in life,
It was that good days had to be cherished.
Good friends had to be appreciated.
And if someone didn’t make an effort to keep you in their lives,
It’s okay to step back.

If she couldn’t be the love of his life,
She was going to be the loss of life.


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