Eight Words – Part III


I set out to find you. 

I looked,

In all the places I knew you wouldn’t be.

I didn’t find you,

In all the places I knew you wouldn’t be.

I felt I needed permission.

But no one could grant it.

No one but I.
So I gave me permission.

I found you,

In the one place I knew you’d be.

You looked troubled, tormented.
I wanted to run to you,

But I knew I couldn’t.

For it was I who tormented you.

I shouldn’t have come.

I should have put my ‘I’m sorry” in a letter…

Then I wouldn’t have to cry in front of you, showing you broken pieces of myself.

I saw you.

I crumbled.

You reached out, and held me,

It felt like home, only made me cry more.

All I could do was apologise.

All you said was,

“Thank you… I love you”



I waited for you

By hell’s gates I waited

With frozen breaths

And thick mists I waited

Then you came

And brought with you the sun

And liquid moonlight
I hate our stupid fights

And the distance they bring

Yet winter foretells colourful spring

You’re here right now that’s all that matters

You left my heart in hopeless tatters

But fix, you can, though it be broken

For words can heal if humbly spoken

For you are my sun

My reason to be

The love of my life

So why would I flee?
Say what you will, don’t hesitate.

And I shan’t poison the air with hate

From our first meeting to our first date

I never once doubted that you’d be my fate.

Eight Words- Part I

Eight Words – Part II


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