You and I are, by far, my biggest mistake.

You promised never to hurt me.
You promised an indispensable love.
Now, I want to take my love, leave the memories on the floor to be threaded on by the rest of the world.
This way, maybe they’ll leave me alone ’cause seemingly I’m the only one they’re haunting.

Now, you can leave.
Go on pretending you never touched my heart and trashed my soul.

I wish letting you go was easy.
I wish I could overlook all the pain you’ve caused and walk away but each time I try moving on, I realise that I carry a dominating piece of you in me.
A piece I hope you feel missing in you.
A piece I wish I could freely rip from me, drop on the sidewalk and keep walking for life.
But each time I try, I again realise that you still have a huge part of me with you.

I’m so tired of being here, suppressed by all my fears of losing the love I’ve already lost.
As much as you’re gone, your memory still lingers like the scent of fresh coffee.
I wish these memories weren’t imprinted on my subconscious ’cause the pain is just too real.
My wounds just wont heal if you still breath inside me.
You’ve left and moved on but there’s just too much that time and space cannot erase.

I cry in my sleep, haunted by the dreams we had.
I’m bound by the love you left behind.
I’m stuck in a puddle of pain, numb with so many strong emotions.

Yes, I still love you but I strongly loathe it.

I’m haunted and the saddest part is that there’s nothing I can do about it…



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