First Day of School

My friend, who is more like a sister, has a daughter. Her name is Brunice. She is finally of school going age. Monday was her first day of school. She was pretty excited, especially Sunday evening. She even slept in her school shoes, refused to take them off. Monday morning, she was the alarm in the house. Because my friend had a busy week ahead, she had asked me to take Brunice to school and pick her up. I was happy to help. Besides, I had nothing better to do with my time.

So I helped get both Mother and Child ready for school, and we all left. Brunice was quite nervous on the way. She asked if I was going to stay and wait for her. I explained how I wouldn’t be allowed to stay but promised I would pick her up. That seemed to calm her a bit.

As expected, she cried when I said goodbye. When I came back to pick her up, she was in high spirits. She talked all the way home, telling me about her day. I couldn’t make out some of the things she said, as she is only 2 and a half years; she speaks Advanced Baby Language. When I asked her if she liked school, she nodded with so much enthusiasm, it was delightful to watch.

She was out like a light by 21:30, which was rare really. But it was a good indication that she liked school, and given her general activeness, school wore her out.

Day Two: I woke her up to get her ready. We showered and while I was dressing her up.

Bruni: Peela, where [are] we going?

Me: I am getting you ready for school Angel.

Bruni: Again??

I laughed out loud, as she continued to murmur in her none audible, none existent baby language. I’m not sure who told her school was a one-day event, but she was far less excited about going back.


Daily Prompt – Murmuration


4 thoughts on “First Day of School

    • By the end of the week, she cried when I left and cried when I picked her up. Doesn’t want to go in the morning, then doesn’t want to leave in the evening. Talk about confusion 😀


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