Mom Again

Conversations with Mom are so unpredictable, it scares me sometimes. While on the phone talking about the renovations at my sister’s place, she [randomly, of course] changed the subject and asked about a friend of mine.

Mom: What happened to Siza?
Me: Oh, his around. His studying at UNISA, and completely immersed himself in poetry. He is really good!
Mom: Oh that is good… I wonder…
{Cutting her off}
Me: Mom, please don’t bring up what happened in high school. It was years ago…
Mom: Ah, I see. But you do know that liking bad boys isn’t a trend anymore, right?
Me: He is not a bad guy. He is nice and sweet,
Mom: So is Musa, but you don’t talk about him like that!
Me: [sigh] Mom, 
Mom: A guy does nine bad things and one good thing, he is a good guy. And another does nine good things and messes up just one, he is a bad guy? 
Me: No, 
Mom: Oh good, cause I was starting to think you have a counting problem!
Me: Mom, this is why I don’t like talking to you about boys, by the way.
Mom: You don’t? 
Me: Yes.
Mom: Oh, too bad honey, because those are my favorite conversations with you.


Daily Prompt – Immerse

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