Boy Feelings

Kyle: So, there is this girl I liked…
Joan: Aah, the start of every story with a bad ending!
Kyle: Okay, never mind. I am not doing this.
Joan: I am joking, goodness, I am only kidding. Talk to me.
Kyle: So, we broke up last month…
Joan: What happened?
Kyle: I just told you. We broke up! Anyway, its been a month already. I keep telling myself I’ve moved on and I’m doing fine without her. But the more I try to ignore it, the more I seem to think about it, and her. She is glued to my head. Sometimes, it physically hurts. All the pity I’m getting from everyone actually pisses me off because I plan on telling myself that I’m okay until I actually am okay. Which will be soon. I hope. 
Joan: So… you’re heart broken?
Kyle: Nooo, noo, no! My dictionary doesn’t have that word!
Joan: Okay, I’ll get you a new one then. Problem solved. Don’t you feel better now?
Kyle: No. 
Joan: I was expecting that. Call it instinct.


Daily Prompt – Instinct


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