The Lost Soul

The aim was to love you.
Give you reasons to live.
Take whatever scared you and hold it deep inside.

Somehow we let things come between us, we let things break us down and apart. We drifted away from each other, thus we lost one another.

Now I’m lying here, drunk with pain and disappointment, unconscious in denial. I guess I’m not ready to see the truth.
That’s why I close my eyes and escape reality and drift to a place where no pain and no tears exist.
Where my mind is free to draw a picture it can control.
Where I can give my heart freely.
Speak words that act as a remedy to the soul that you affluently broke.
Where my tears fall to keep me warm through the cold nights.

Where my mind finally stops the war with my heart and all the voices in my head fall silent.
Then my heart starts to speak the words you taught it to speak, a musical I’ve been running away from ’cause it reminds me of the ghosts that haunt me when I daydream and do away with the element of pain and heartache being but a fading dream…

A sudden cold chill hits my back and my whole body shivers in response to the mountain breeze. I look down and a rocky bay awaits.
I’m standing on this cliff.
I bare this gun in my hand.
I shoot and if I miss,
I jump.
Two actions.
One Epilogue.


Daily Prompt – Controversy

13 thoughts on “The Lost Soul

  1. Not too sure about the yellow naihsolipl. My mom used to tell me I looked sick when I used that color =(But I still think it looks gorgeous, especially with these divine "cool but cute" flipflops!


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