Emotional Twilight


I met you. I got to know you. I fell for you. Hard.

You moved. I missed you. Every day. And then, I began to think less and less about you. I was doing fine. Out of sight, out of mind.

Until you called, just to say hi. You sounded exactly like I remembered. I felt myself crumble, fall right back where I was months ago.

As the sun of realization rose, I learnt, out of sight [may be] out of mind but out of sight definitely does not mean out of heart. And that was where you stayed. I guess I had packaged you nicely and put you away. Until today.

Now I walk, once again, on this dark and lonely road lit by flickering lights of pain.
Pain you did not inflict for I was the one in love with you, and had confessed not. Down this lonely road, with my fear of rejection, I walk; in the opposite direction for I know that if I keep walking away from all these feelings, I will reach a place of oblivion. And once I have settled down there, I will forget my feelings for you…until the next time….



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