My high school friend and I had a date on Sunday, on Skype.
We did some catching up, first my side and how my life was stagnant while hers seemed rather alive.

Her: Sooo, there is this guy…
I rolled my eyes as we both said, “The start of every story with a bad ending”.ย We laughed.
Me: Ooh, ahuh,
She goes on to tell me absolutely everything she knows about him; the things he has told her and the things she found out
by stalking him on the internet. I don’t really blame her. A girl has to be sure!
And then the “BUT” came.
Me: He sounds great! Are you guys dating now?
Her: We were, until I found out through a mutual friend that he has a girlfriend.
Me: So, you’re not in a relationship?
Her: It’s complicated!
Me: Complicated? How is it complicated?
Her: He has a girlfriend!
Me: You found out about her before or after you started dating?
Her: After.
Me: Did you break up with him after you found that out?
Her: No,
Me: There you have it. You are in a relationship.
Her: Yes, and its complicated.
Me: No, its anything but. If you can explain it, it is NOT COMPLICATED. The information you recieved wasn’t a turning point in it all. So no complication there.
Her: There you go with your sound reasoning. I’ve always known you were prudent. But it was never a feature I liked about you!

All in all, it was a good ‘date’. The only thing that reminded us that it was all virtual was the fact that I couldn’t hug
her before she ‘left’. The joys of living away from home, yeey me!

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