Unlikely Truth

When a simple question turns ugly…

Younger Sister: how important am I to you?
Brother: More than myself.
Younger Sister: Well, if me and your girlfriend were drowning, who would you save first?
Brother: Would I be the only one there?
Younger Sister: how can you even ask that??
Brother: Because your lives would depend on it!
Younger Sister: You’re saying you wouldn’t save either of us?
Brother: Yes. That is precisely what I am saying.
Younger Sister: what??
Brother: I don’t know how you see it but it is ill-advised for a hydrophobe
to blindly jump into a pool.
Younger Sister: Yes, but wouldn’t you at least try to save one of us?
Brother: Well, not that I value my life above your two lives but I do think having two funerals is better than having three… no?
Younger Sister: Okay. I am terminating this conversation right now. I wasn’t ready for any of this

And that was the conversation between me and my brother, exactly 2 years ago.

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