I have a habit. Routine isn’t really my thing, but I have a habit. Once in a while, when I have a lot on my mind and need some quiet time so the voices in my head can have a caucus and make some important decisions. 

On such days, after class, I go to the library. I go to the left end of the library, the reference section and sit so I can watch the people come and go from the Jaic (restaurant) from the large window there. I can also see what is happening behind me, courtesy of the large window. Perfect spot, I tell you.

So, as usual, I went to my usual spot and sat down. I put on my earphones, but played no music. The only sounds I needed to hear were the ones in my head, after all.
I think I had been sitting there, in peace, for about an hour thirty minutes when I spot a girl come and sit at the table right behind me; her back to me. A few minutes later, a guy comes and joins her.

He apologizes. After a short moment of silence, she says “don’t touch me.” And then they had a heated conversation. From what I could hear, the guy was upset because she had told her friends that he was bad at “IT”. Somehow, he found out and he was more upset because she faked an orgasm. I didn’t know guys could be upset about that but hey, not my circus- not my monkeys!

I was thoroughly amused when the girl told the guy to lower his voice because I would hear them and he confidently said I couldn’t hear anything, I was listening to music. I had to swallow my chuckle, which was hard to do for a giggler!!

Lesson of the Day: Do NOT pretend you are listening to music if you aren’t. Or else, you will find yourself listening to people’s dirty laundry. The downside of being the third party with no personal interest in the matter (because eavesdropper is such an ugly word) is you don’t have a say.


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