Childhood besties

So while I was home in February, I met up with my childhood best friend for lunch. Since she (“part-time working class”) was treating me (the broke student), I should choose where we should go. I just wanted to go anywhere with fries that I could drown in vinegar.

We ended up going to Fish ‘n Chips cause I could have kosher fish and she could have seafood.

Inevitably, my unrequited love came up and we talked. She didn’t understand why I couldn’t just tell the guy how I feel. But I can’t do that. I know there is gender equality and all but am I silly for still wanting to be wooed and pursued? I think not!

Lindo: Come on, you can tell him!
Me: And what exactly do I say to him? “Hey, I like you”. And then??
Lindo: And then you wait for his response, well, after the shock subsides
Me: Wait for him to reject me, you mean?
Lindo: How sure are you that he will?? He could waver, you know!
Me: Waver? Hmm,
Lindo: Come on, I mean, you’re a young, strong independent woman! Did I mention you are strong?
Me: Am I?
Lindo: Well, if you don’t know …how am I supposed to be sure??
Me: Aah, wow! Is this the kind of support people get from life long friendships?
Lindo: {she giggles} Of course!! 20 years and we are still together! That is a lot longer than many marriages. You can’t ditch me now, we’re too old to make new friends now
Me: True! But on the bright side, I can justify my poor choice of friend in you. I was 3 when we started playing together. I didn’t know any better! {sticking my tongue out}
Lindo: Touchè!

10 thoughts on “Childhood besties

  1. You two are so cute haha. Thats how friendships are supposed to be 🙂 I pushed a friend to ask the guy out instead of the other way around and now they’ve been dating for a year so your friend may be on to something!!

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