Mother Earth- Earth Day

There has been much debate about how old the earth is, from the evolutionists perspective to the creationists perspective. I find that is a pointless argument to have (for many reasons). But then again, I am a Christian, so I believe in Creation.

I thought I should share some pictures of nature, where I beheld nature in its simple state, but yet so beautiful and harmonious. Another reason why I believe God created it all.

Thank you Earth, for being resilient and strong, and we appreciate your ability to love and care and keep giving to us- the human race, although we suffocate you with our carbon emissions and our filth. Yet, just like a Mother, you keep giving, at the expense of yourself, just to give us more breaths and ground to stand on.

Now I see why they call you “Mother Earth.”



Fish near a boat on the lake



Comodo dragons here are quite the social creatures. They come out just to watch people haha


Micro snap 


So I have a thing for bodies of water [hehe]


At a Botanical garden on a hill



Tea Fields



One of my ABSOLUTE all-time favourite pictures!



Mackwood Tea Fields



Photography by yours truly, ® CWhiteWeb (Charlette White) of Poetic Bliss

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