You walk in shadows, dull-clothes and puffy eyes.
You shut us out, forgetting that we know how difficult it is
to recover the pain of the heart from another.

You sit in the dark in a house full of chandeliers,
crying over a broken vessel.
You crumble at the sound of his name or his favourite song.

And after all that,
you still have the energy to shed a well of tears,
a river that fills the ocean,
forgetting that your tears wont bring him back!

I know you wish that it did but it just doesn’t work like that.
’cause if it did, we’d all drift to place where our minds are free
to draw a picture that we can control.

You hold on to the sandcastle you built in the air together,
to the memories you made and the fallen future you thought you were going to have.

You depress yourself,
start preferring death over the dreadful life you are living,
forgetting that the sun shines the brightest after a hurricane.


6 thoughts on “Cry in the Darks

  1. God that is how I pull myself from any funk, He is my life and my saving grace. My comfort, and in Him I find a peace that surpasses all understanding. In my darkest hour, He has always been there for me. He is my ALL, and has given me my hearts desires. Only because I died to myself. Nothing to gain but Him. ❤with Him all things are possible!!

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