Hiking Trip

This is more of a picture post, more than a tales post. Me and my friend went on a hiking trip, on Knuckles Range, which also happens to be UNESCO World Heritage Site. We stayed there two nights and three days. The hikes were fun but the views were breathtaking!


On the second day, in the afternoon, we took a walk off a small hiking trail not too far from the hotel we were staying. It was a nice walk, but the sun set a lot quicker and we were on our own. We tried to walk back but we seemed to be lost. With all the vegetation around, every foot path looked the same!

I thought to myself, its fine- everything is under control. I have a map! With a flimsy paper with the area map, I realised then that my 6 years of Geography lessons in high school were as useful as two steering wheels on a mule. So, naturally, I don’t panic easily, but as the sounds of the mini-forest started getting louder, my mind raced… and I started to panic. Two girls, in a forest. Alone. The perfect start of a good horror story.

My friend could tell I was starting to freak out. So she tried to calm me down, which didn’t go too well. After wondering a little bit more, we came across an local couple. Relief washed over us! They walked us back to our hotel and they went on their merry way. God is truly good and He provides. The rest of the hikes were on marked trails and we thoroughly enoyed it. It was a great trip all in all.

Me and my friend took away two things from the trip:

  1. I needed to update my list of ways I didn’t want to die to include dying in a forest, and possibly having my remains eaten by a scavenger.
  2. My friend, on the other hand, had (probably) learnt that in the history of calming, no woman (especially black) had ever calmed down by being told to calm down.




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