An Invitation

Some 4 years ago, I received a small parcel. My neighbor’s kid was sent as the messenger to deliver it as soon as I got home. Poor kid placed by the gate until he saw me walk up to my gate. He leapt up and said “I have a parcel for you!! Wait here.”

He came back, holding a small box in his hands. It was a square box, wrapped in white and blue wrapping paper, with a blue ribbon around it. I thanked my little messenger, kissed the top of his head and went inside.

I had a slight idea about who the sender (we’d been dating for a little over a month) could be, but I was blown away by the gift.

Inside, was a chain. I’d always said I liked the military type of chains, and what they symbolized. And so he had one made, with his name on it.

And a note was in the box.


It was almost like he knew there was always eminent danger in choosing to love, just like going to war. I guess that is why they say “All’s fair in love and war”