Romance isn’t always realistic

I am a romantic. I know that about myself. If you have read Hopeful Dreams, you will know that about me too. I love love. I know people who don’t love love, I know people who love it but have given up on it and people who’s lifestyles just reflect on how they’ve never needed it. But I am a believer of love. But romance on the other hand, there are just somethings that don’t pass as ‘romantic’ in my eyes. And for this reason, it is safe to say,

The realist in me is always fighting the romantic in me.

I will give you an example, perhaps my biggest challenge;

A bed covered with rose petals


Romantic: red rose petals on white linen (I am a sucker for white bedding), the image in my head is just heavenly. The fact that he would have  gone out of his way to buy roses, only to destroy their form; that would earn him an E for Effort.

Realist: First of all, I think I would appreciate the petals on the rose more, than on the bed. I mean, I don’t fancy having to then pick up a bunch of wilted rose petals off the bedroom floor after the ‘passion’ has ended. Secondly, I don’t think I want rose petals wedged up in my derriere. Plus, I don’t think rose petals appreciate being stuck up there either… just saying.


9 thoughts on “Romance isn’t always realistic

  1. Hahahahahaha! I like how I’m reading about how you’re a romantic only to end with how uncomfortable for you and the roses to be stuck up your butt. I can’t stop laughing! Thanks for this!

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  2. Maybe you think too much about what you see instead of just watching? a similar bed was prepared for me ever in a hotel on vacation and I just watched and enjoyed it as a piece of art 🙂 What happened after with the pieces of flowers- I don’t even remember

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      • Well, I think a lot too, most of the time😁But I try to switch off the interpreting/judging side and just observe. It feels so well. The thoughts will always dance but knowing that you are not your thoughts changes perspective of seeing, you don’t have to silence them, let them be, just take a distance (don’t take them seriously )


  3. I am the same way too 😂 I just think that our imagination makes it all seems too grand and then reality jumps in. Loved the last part about the flowers 😅


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