Art not so Artsy

Meet Nuha, my best friend. We met on the first day on a 4 day trip in 2014. She sat next to me on the bus and we literally hit it off. We spent the rest of trip attached at the hip. A month after the trip, after my exams, I went over to her place for the holiday. My week long visit turned into a month. We were both teary when I left. She is the Bonnie to my Clyde (minus the shady stuff, of course).


Dinner date at Subway. She always buys me there cause I like it so much and the vegetarian meals are the cheapest haha. 

We spent last years Ramadan together, the whole ‘festival week’. She was determined to get the drawing spirit in me blazing. She has always been a supporter of my writing, and often hints I should have pursued an artsy degree. But I’ve never felt “artsy” enough; the only good thing I manage to do with a pencil is write. She had seen a couple of pages where I had doodled letters and petals.

So one afternoon, we were sitting on the balcony having Rooibos. She went into the house and came back with a notebook. She told me to try drawing her. This was after she had me trying (and failing) to draw cartoons. She thought a nudge into the deep end would go a long way.

Me: Do you remember how Mickey came out day before yesterday?
Nuha: [laughing] Yeah, how could I forget a Mickey that looked nothing like Mickey?
Me: And yet, you want me to try drawing you.
Nuha: But try it. Plus, I’ve seen your doodles, they’re cute!
Me: Those are alphabet doodles! I’ve been writing the English alphabet for the past 22 years. They’re kinda idiot proof, and set in stone. Even my flower doodles look retarded.
Nuha: Maybe if the model is real, it will be better, don’t you think?
Me: No. I don’t know how to draw.
Nuha: Oh come on, try!

And so I did. Almost two hours later, I was done. Although I had managed to botch Mickey a few nights before, I was thinking this could just be my best work yet! So I did the whole roll sound to reveal my ‘art’.


She looked at it for what felt like a looooong while.

Me: Not bad huh?
Nuha: Not bad? You’ve been telling me to sit still for the last 2 hours. And this is what you’ve been doing?? This doesn’t even look like me.
Me: Sure it does, look at it again.

I looked at it again and saw what she meant. I giggled but her face was serious. So I had to stop. Damage Control.

Me: Noo, that is the birthmark/dimple. It was a little… Uhm… too advanced for my elementary drawing level… Is this the part where I remind you how I said I didn’t know how to draw?
Nuha: No! {Sigh} I think writing is fitting.

All in all, our friendship survived the “missing-face-drawing”, and she has since stopped trying to ‘tap’ into my unknown artsy side. Sometimes not knowing is good.


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