“What if I let you in and you break my walls, what if i give myself to you and you throw me away, what if i give you my heart and you toy with it? What if i love you and you take me for granted? You will never know how much I’d give up just to be with you, but I cannot risk it all again.”

Beautiful. Risks are soooo scary!


She was like a plank of wood removed from fire, though not burning, she still had scars of the flames. Her past was clouded in pain, deceit, hate and every other word that can be used to  describe “not happy”. Once the world was the most beautiful place to live in, it had given her everything she ever desired. A home, love, happiness and peace. Cruelty; as swiftly as they had come, they left her, only this time someone she sold her heart out for free had taken them.

It was a few days till her wedding to Max, her childhood sweetheart. A cloudy Wednesday afternoon, chilly and cold. Her day at the office had just ended and she thought she would call Max and maybe go out for coffee since it was cold and they still had a lot to work on for the big day in a few…

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