Stories By 5 – Depression

This, gold!! ❤

The Bag Lady

She looked out at the night. The freezing temperatures prevented the snow from falling, but tiny ice crystals formed on her surroundings, reflecting the the park lights. Soon the icy etchings would fill her window. It was cold, but beautiful, reminiscent of her life love, Wolfe. She was waiting for him to return. She was used to these solo trips of his, and ultimately, it was the best for both of them.

Wolfe wasn’t always cool and distant. Some of the time he was charming and entertaining, but there was a dark side to him. She knew his past, knew what he felt badly about, people he hurt. Knowing this however, never changed her mind about him. She fell in love quickly and as time went on, her love became passion and even obsession. They met on a whim, a double date with her sister. Her sister asked her to…

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