Attention Escapades

I was having a conversation with my housemate/friend this afternoon. The topic changed and changed throughout (girls being girls). Then she told me about how she used to be an attention seeker as a child. She was the first born, so all the other kids got the attention. But she just never got it. She told me some of the stunts she pulled just to have her parents worry about her. I found some quite impressive, and I am not sure how her parents survived some of those stunts.

Then after she returned to her room, I tried to think of a time when I soughtΒ attention. I remember how Mom told me about how she had taken my older brother (who was about 3 at the time) with her to visit a friend who had just had a baby. Mom recalls cradling the baby and my brother just stared at them. I am sure that struck jealousy in him. My mother is the type of woman who talks to babies and gets them giggling. Real talk!

But the little bugger was bothered by the “chemistry”. One moment, the air was filled with baby giggles and adulting mumbling; suddenly, it was filled with the baby screaming, tearing streaming down its face. He bit her foot, and broke the beautiful ambiance.


I’ve no idea how the story ends though, but I am sure all parties involved were not pleased, in the least!

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