Mommy Tales

I had a totally different post planned today, with the word being “detonate”. Until I called my Mom in the evening. We hadn’t spoken in a while because I had phone issues these past few days. So since that was sorted, I called her just we could talk for a bit. Nothing ever goes as planned with this woman, honestly!

So while on the phone, I randomly (truly randomly) asked her if she was racist. I was not ready for the rest of the conversation!

Me: So, Mom, are you racist?
Mom: Why? You wanna bring a white boy home?
Me: NO! I’m only just asking.
Mom: You never just ask anything! Tell me, is there a white boy pursuing you?
Me: Mom, really, not white.
Mom: Asian?
Me: Asian?
Mom: Yes, you said not white. I listen, you know.
Me: {laughing} Okay, his not white. His black.
Mom: Honey, how did you manage to be in Asia and still fall in love with a black boy??
Me: {laughing harder} Uhmm, I don’t know. And please don’t say I’m in love, I haven’t had that conversation with myself yet. 
Mom: Oh, that is great! 
Me: Great? I didn’t know you were trying to marry me off!
Mom: What Mother isn’t?? 
Me: Fine. I’ll just marry a man from a completely different continent.
Mom: Nooooo, now that is not what I was saying. Different continent where? Why?

I just laughed that off and swiftly changed the subject, although I know this conversation will come up again, like a bomb just waiting to detonate. See, like me, my Mother doesn’t forget. Not because we make an effort, things just stay longer in our minds. A blessing and a curse, I tell you!

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35 thoughts on “Mommy Tales

  1. LOL I LOVE YOUR MOTHER! My mom has the same type of reaction though! When I asked her if I could go on a date, back when I was 17, she told me she needed every piece of information about him besides his social security number so if I got kidnapped she’d have the information to give to the cops… like she asked for full name, birthdate, parent’s name, make, model and license plate number…. it was embarrassing!
    How did you met a black boy in Asia though? hahahahahahaha

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    • LOL 😂😂😂 oh my goodness, and let me guess, she isn’t even a police officer- going FBI on the guy!!
      That just reminded me of a friend. Her father is a cop, so she started dating late (23). and he insisted on meeting the boyfriend, and he said to the guy “You take care of her… And remember I know how to use a gun, and how to find people”
      I died when she told me about it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Uhm, his not exactly in Asia. I just let her believe that to avoid further questions!!

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