I came across these the other day, and I am sure everyone has had their fair share of rejection. But we women can be mean at times

He: Can I buy you a drink?
She: Actually, I’d rather have the money.

He: Will you go out with me this Saturday?
She: Sorry. I am having a headache this weekend.
He: Go on. Don’t be shy. Ask me out.
She: Okay. Go out.
He: I think I could make you very happy.
She: Why? Are you leaving?
He: Shall we go see a movie?
She: I have already seen it.
He: Where have you been all my life?
She: Hiding from you.
He: Haven’t I seen you some place before?
She: Yes, that’s why I don’t go there anymore.

19 thoughts on “Anti-Pick Up Lines

  1. Women can be really mean. Why do you think the B word happened? That’s just my opinion though! I mean just being simple friends with some of these women out here is hard!

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  2. I have one from the other side: I asked her to dance and she said, “No.” I said, “What? I didn’t ask you to DANCE, I said you look fat in those PANTS!” j/k

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  3. Although some of those lines can be cheesy the responses from some women can be unnecessary and mean. Women fail to realise men can be just as shy nd maybe it takes all their effort to approach them.

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