Ducks and Rows

So while I was on the phone with a friend who was telling me all about her boyfriend, how great he is, and all that, we ended up deliberating on who would marry first.

Me: At this rate, I need to start dieting for my bridesmaid dress! {giggle}
Her: Noo, you can’t be a bridesmaid if you’re married!
Me: I am aware. But at this rate, you’ll marry first than all of us.
Her: Well, maybe, I mean I had always thought you’d end up married first when you were with T****. And now you’re terminally single…
Me: BY Choice, thank you very much!
Her: But I am sure your ducks will form a line soon.
Me: Honey, I don’t even think I have enough ducks to form a row
Her: Oh come on, you must have at least two ducks
Me: Sure, let’s say I have two ducks. Two ducks standing together doesn’t make a row. It just makes them two ducks standing together!
Her: I’m not going to win this, am I?
Me: {giggling} No, I don’t see how!



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