The truth in this! The truth in this is just, hmm!


“Mum, how did you and Dad manage to pull through four decades of this seemingly abtruse marriage thing?” I asked.

She burst out laughing heartily. Her shoulders constantly moved up and down as if she were dribbling a ball coinciding rhythmically to the high and low pitch of her voice. Probably that’s the background beat accompanying her laughter, I thought. Her chubby cheeks formed beautiful dimples as she smiled gleefully. Her perfectly round-shaped owl-like eyes meekly stared at me. Some utmost satisfaction set in as the laughter dwindled. Dumb-founded I stood there, with a stern face, waiting for the BIG SECRET.

“It’s easy son. When we grew up, if something broke, you’d fix it, not throw it away. We appreciated the fact that every good and beautiful thing comes through patience and hard work. Unlike in this Dot Com generation where, if you experience a slight challenge, you just put…

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