From time to time, we get so caught up with insignificant things that we forget that time waits not.
Moments lost, moments unsavoured, idle moments too, all cost time.
We postpone doing A, and B, and C.
As if tomorrow is a better day to start rather than today. Right now.
Soon, we realise that time waits not.
And when that reality dawns on us,
We try to regain all that we lost.
But it’s too late.

See, I find time as constant as change.
Both remaining the same in their course.
Time ticks and tocks in its consistency – day in, day out.
Change also remains the same, ever changing.
But time makes a sound, while change seldom does.

When reality finally confronts us,
We realise we are already in a bind.
And time has ticked and tocked away.
We try to play a game of catch up,
By then, we are passengers in our own lives.

A wise man said,
“We make decisions, then watch the decision make you.”

The decision to be idle catches up with us
And then, you watch that decision make you into what it desires.

Cause. And. Effect.


7 thoughts on “Time Waits Not

  1. Time waits not.
    So very true. There’s tons of time while at the same time never enough.
    “But time makes a sound, while change seldom does.” my favorite line!

    Liked by 1 person

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