Rainy Days

It rained today.


I stood ran between the open sky and shelter, just to feel some of it splitter onto my brown skin.
I imagine someone died today.
I thought of how I hope it rains when I die.
I know I won’t see any of it anyhow, but I like the idea of the sky darkening because my heart stopped beating.
And then, have it pour as, the earth mourning my loss and the ground getting moist, to be dug and my body, lowered into it.
And the day I am left in the ground, I would want the sun to dance through a clear sky.
A reminder of my happy-go-lucky charm.

Though dark my thoughts may be,
I sit and watch the tropical storm sweep through,
And God’s promise sings in my mind,
“God told Noah, the rainbow around us, it won’t be water, but fire next time”
Too bad the sun has set, and it will be too dark to see the bow of color in the sky, a reminder of the age old covenant between God and man.



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