Well, my Burmese housemate brought home a new born stray cat. I have no idea where she gets these small creatures. The last one we absolutely loved got lost, and we mourned: me, a day or two (I’d only started to allow it to lick me and stuff, hadn’t attached so much); and her, well, I think this is her way of mourning Summer’s loss. Each time Summer came up, she’d bumble and get pretty emotional.  This one is cute too, slightly starved but definitely not as pretty as our Summer.


Our baby Summer

I could hear the excitement in the text she sent me telling me to come by her room as soon as I got back from class. I was greeted by a little fur-ball she had named Rainbow. I asked if this was a girl or a boy.

Me: So, is this one a girl or a boy?
Moh: I am guessing a girl
Me: Guessing? Like we did with Summer?
Moh: Yeah, you’re the one that planted the idea that Summer was too cute to be a boy.
Me: Touche!
Moh: Yeah, so she is  a girl also
Me: OR we could check it out. Okay. I hold it up and you check.

I picked up the tiny cat and she peeps.

Moh: I can’t see anything, or I don’t know what to look for exactly. How about I hold it up and you check?
Me: Okay,
She holds it up and I look.
Me: Ah, its a boy! Look, he has a pee-pee
Moh: Thaaat is what you are going to call it??
Me: Uhm, yeah! It’s not like I know the scientific name of a cat’s reproductive organ. Besides, you’re the nurse here!
Moh: yes, for humans!
Me: {giggling} Touche!

It was only after she started talking did we realize that Grey, our Chinese housemate, had witnessed the whole ordeal, and all she said was,

Grey: You know I came hoping something juicy like a male was causing this commotion. But noo, two fully grown women talking about cat genitalia… I am really not sure what direction evolution is taking, really!

We looked at each other and just laughed!


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