Drop the mirror, and hold the torch

I found this to be a very beautiful post!
I learnt something remarkable last year. That a simple smile makes the receiver smile, brighter even. So now when I am either waiting for the traffic light for pedestrians to change to green or waiting at a bus stop, when I see someone look at me from a bus passing, I either smile and wave like I know them or if it’s a kid’s school bus, stick my tongue out and laugh. You’d be surprised just how good it feels when you make other people happy. It takes a second but the spring in your step gets bouncier. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! 😊 ❤

The Heart Doodles

So how many times have you done something without expecting to have that back.

I’m sure there will be very less such occasions. We don’t have to act like karma. Karma acts automatically.

So what we need to do:

  • Drop the mirror of ‘Tit for Tat’ theory.
  • Hold the torch of positivity.

♥️ Go on a road that you don’t know where it leads.

♥️ Ask that old man who is sitting alone in the park that how he is doing.

♥️ Give that poor kid a candy when shopkeeper hands you change. He is hopeful of lot of things.

♥️ Approach that silent classmate of yours. Just listen to them, don’t dare to judge, and help them in any way you can.

♥️ Offer to share your food with those silent passengers in your train. They are waiting for you.

♥️ Play with children. Don’t ask them to do…

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