Morning Madness 8

So I came across a post on Smell the Coffee, titled The Mistake I Made. 

To quote the stanza of the piece that brought about this short post,

“The mistake I made
Was not daring to scream
I’d lock it away
And throw away the key”

– Vivian Zems

When I was growing up, there was a show on one of the popular radio stations. It was a live, call-in show. Listeners could call it, talk about the things that had frustrated them lately. And then they’d be asked to let it all out. The caller would then scream as much as they needed. The announcer would then ask how they felt after letting it out. The response was always a light,  airy “Good” and then the next frustrated caller would get to chance to scream too.

Odd memory to recall. But me and my sister enjoyed listening to it. Given how frustrating the world seems to be getting more and more frustrating, I’m sure a ton of us could do with the services that were offered by that show!

On that note, I’m off to sleep. Good Morning World 🌍, all the way from the East 😊


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