I Want To…

I never ever

Would have thought

A love like ours

Could leave my feelings

Feeling so fickle.


Today, they’re hot.

I want to stay in bed,

Talking to you,

All day if I can.


Tomorrow, I’m upset.

You bring out

The worst in me.

I won’t answer

Any of your calls.


I sound spiteful.

I hurt you with my words.

I feel like a butt hole.

Still you stay,

Take all of my crap.


There are days

I just want to sit

And watch you do

Absolutely nothing.

Give myself time

To memorize every

Feature of your face

And every emotion

That passes on it.

I want to watch you laugh.

I want to see

Your smile in motion.

black couple

I want to

Bathe in your sight,

Bare all my weaknesses,

Leave them safe

At your feet.


I want to

Tell you my saddest story

Warm your skin with my tears

Lay in your arms

Until the sadness subsides.

make up

I want to

Sit in silence

With you.

Letting our hearts speak

The words our mouths won’t utter.

And if they could speak,

My heart

Would beg your heart

To keep beating

So my heart

Would have the will

To beat and keep

My body alive

Just one more day

To be with you.


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