I will protect you.

I said it a million times.

I meant it a million times.


I fulfil my promise.

By leaving you behind.

That sure will save you from all kinds of pain.

You may go through a few withdrawal symptoms,

For which I advise you to soldier through.

The storms will rage,

Your heart will break

And maybe, your bones will shake.

But it all stops after a little while.

There it will dawn on you,

Just how much worse having me stay would have been.

I want to be wanted.

Being needed puts us under unnecessary strain.

Too much responsibility comes with being needed, like air.

You will feel lonely,

But it will be no worse than the loneliness you’ve embraced before.

Then one day will be better than the one before,

And so will be the next.

And the one after that.

You’ll see then, the difference between needing me and wanting me.

I don’t want to be your air.

I want to be the choice you make.

A choice you choose.

Time and again, until time ceases.

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