A vessel of strength.
The ocean’s Queen.
A beauty in perfect piece.
A sight of wonder and the mother of every tourist’s dream.
A dream to travel around the world in outstanding luxury.
The best money could buy.

It was, once upon a time a wonder of the eye in its greatness.
It was once a perfect piece.
But now, it lies in perfect peace, buried beneath the tonnes of water.
Because of an ice burg, its like it never even existed.
It has become a figment of the imaginations of the multitude that saw it depart.
Depart for Life.

We were once, like the Titanic – A perfect piece.
Like the Titanic, no one thought something so small and so insignificant could bring such breathtaking beauty to its ruin.
It should have a taken a hurricane, entwined with a tornado to break us so fast and so easily.
I had no idea that losing someone you never really had could hurt this much.


I didn’t know how to be what you needed me to be ’cause of the barriers you kept plucking up.
I didn’t know how to love you ’cause you’ve trained yourself how to be resistant to all emotion and perfected the skill of pushing away everyone… Even the people who just want to love you.

I may have given up on us but I haven’t given up on you.
‘Cause my love for you is timeless. Like the clock, I don’t intend to stop.

3 thoughts on “Titanic

  1. I hope this isn’t about a certain someone as beautiful as it is. Also, because I’m a nerd, don’t hate me, but the Titantic has been slowly disinegrating over time. There’s not much of it left down there these days.

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