Clock Talk

Having been suffering from serious writer’s block lately, I literally write nothing that makes sense – even to me! One of the things Google suggested was to keep writing. So, story time. Well, not so much a story. Rather a conversation.

So, two of my friends were over here at my place this weekend, which is always fun. We laugh. We talk. We cook. We eat. We don’t sleep. And again, we eat. Why? Because friends that eat together, stay together (yes, that is a thing…in my mind. I believe it!).

Because we sleep so late (the wee hours of the morning), we wake up well after noon. One of them stirs from sleep and asks what time it is. None of us move to assist her with her quest for time.

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Her: You like watches.
Me: Yes.
Her: You don’t have a clock.
Me: Great powers of observation.
Her: Where is it?
Me: Where is what?
Her: The clock Lwin gave you as a present when she left?
Me: Oh, that clock. I uhm…kinda broke it.
Her: What? How? It was a gift!
Me: Yeah, I know. I felt bad too. But … what’s the point of this conversation?
Her: Why you don’t have a clock.
Me: I hate the sound.
Her: But you like watches.
Me: Yes. But watches and clocks happen to be very different things.
Her: Not so much. They both tell time.
Me: Yeah, and watches do it silently. Well, mine do. But clocks, they are quite noisy. And I find them domineering.
Her: Okay. I’ll buy you a clock next month, on my birthday.
Me: Please don’t. It might break.
Her: You mean you’ll break it?
Me: {giggling} Well, I don’t break them on purpose. They break while I try to fix them.
Her: Then you won’t try to fix mine, cause clearly you’re not very good at fixing stuff.
Me: Let’s put a pin on this conversation and I’ll disagree with you when I am fully awake in a few hours.

And I slept. Fast forward to the end of the conversation.
I gave her an ultimatum. She has to choose: if she likes knowing me more or knowing time more.

The answer: She said I would have to wait until the 4th of November. I really hope she doesn’t buy me a clock! For her sake!

22 thoughts on “Clock Talk

  1. Thank you for supporting me and helping me spread my awarness about sexual abuse! I will be posting the video around 9:30 eastern time!!! Your raffle number is 33334. 😊

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  2. How about checking the time on the phone, instead of on a watch or clock? I don’t know anyone who still wears a watch.
    I’ve been going through a case of writer’s block as well, but I keep pushing myself to write. Mostly, it’s stream-of-consciousness writing that I would not post online. Hope you get past the block soon, Peela. I know how frustrating it is!

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