Block Infection

After experiencing writer’s block for a few weeks now, I started thinking about what could have caused it. Then, it hit me. 

First, Mags got it. She went quiet a while.

While she suffered from the bug, she infected Debs. She got hit hard, poor thing.

And all along, I was on the sidelines, sympathizing like the good friend that I am!

I just didn’t know that their hideous disease would hit me too! It has been a little over a month and social convention would agree, it has overstayed its welcome!

So in an effort to love myself with enough intensity to let go of anything that is bad for me, I hereby neutralize our friendship. It’s not that I don’t love you. I do. But They say not everything you love will love you back. We don’t know who They are but I have a feeling listening to They is the smart decision.

They say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
My friendship with the two of you has not made my writing stronger. Quite the opposite actually!

I am sorry it came to this. But don’t cry too hard, or too long. You will eventually forget me.


C. White • 😛

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