We cry when we are born,
Almost as if we know we’ll be stalked by death from that moment on. Fitting expression of feeling, the dread we are born with yet we live in complete ignorance of.


We sleep and eat. The perfect life, I tell you.

We find our feet, which are just to wobbly and weak to carry us, so we resort to our knees to carry us. We crawl in and out of spaces, allowed and forbidden. “Leave that… Don’t touch that… Oh no!… Stop that!…” The soundtrack of our lives.


Our feet slowly gain strength. They carry us. We depend less on being carried. Independence. The beauty of seeing a child determine to do for themselves what they cannot is so refreshing to watch.

We hit the terrible two’s and make them regret having you a couple of times a day. Adorable yet so naughty and demanding. Just the right mix of terrorist with a dash of innocence.

Then we grow, fast like sprouts. Seeing adulthood through rose colored glasses, we forget to enjoy the freedom that we have as kids. Hell, we don’t realize just how much freedom we have until we lose it to responsibility and adulting.

So maybe I am a little cynical. You decided. But I promised myself to try.

To try and live better.
To try loving more.
To laugh more. No trying required there!
To dance when there is no music.
To admire the beauty of the stars when the sky is set with clouds.
To busk in the sun on a rainy day.
To live. Like I only have life for that time.


Though university and it’s demands get in the way, more often than not, I’m glad I’m still able to throw in the towel and disappear for a weekend to forget. Stay with my friends and cook them good food. Watch Korean dramas and have a good laugh.
I’m grateful that I have my friends, though separated by two oceans and ridiculous time differences, we still make time to talk daily. Just like family.

Life gives you lemons. We focus on the sour lemons so much, we forget about the little sweet sugar and abundant neutral water that life gives us too. After all, one needs more lemons than sugar to make lemonade, right?




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