The Calm

The last day of November. Parts of Sri Lanka were wrecked by a cyclone just a day ago. That breaks my heart, the thought of people without shelter as the storms just keep raging. Lord, help us.

I’ve also had a trying couple of months of my own, with juggling school, a dissertation and just basic living and getting up when my body just wants to sleeeeeeeeep. Now, add finals to that mess. Sigh.

My happy place. The ocean. It’s vastness, I find humbling. It reminds me just how small I am, as a grain of sand in this great big world. It puts things, the problems that so often threaten to engulf me, into perspective. Reminds me there is so much more to today, so much more to right now than my little problems. It’s strange, how I love the ocean so much when I am hydrophobic. Rather, I like to expose myself to environments I believe I have a certain degree of control over. The ocean, on the other hand, is its own boss. Drowning is NOT on my list of ways to die. Below are snaps I took in Maldives last December.



Now tell me that this isn’t Serene! 🌊 β›±

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