Guilty Lies

I know I should’t lie. For many many ethical reasons, lying is not good thing. I know. But what do you do when a kid in second year just won’t stop asking you, his super senior, out? I mean, I find that to be quite unethical. Being a cougar is NOT on my bucketlist.

The back story? Short story short, he is an engineering student in his second year. Cute, tall, goofy smile. He would totally make a perfect younger brother. But there lies the problem. He wants me to think of him as a man, as opposed to anything else really.

For many reasons, like him being younger and uninteresting to me, dating him just sounds painful. I’d rather shoot my foot. Almost each time I see him now, he asks if I would like to have a meal with him. I’d been able to come up with impromptu lies each time he asked, but today, my mind went stupid on me. I found myself saying,

“I don’t eat anymore”.

I smiled and rushed off, on my not-so-very-merry way. I couldn’t even bring myself to look back at him.

Moral of the story: still trying to figure that bit out.


11 thoughts on “Guilty Lies

  1. I agree with rugby. Age shouldn’t be a factor. The fact that he got enough courage up to ask you out is a big deal. You should also never assume anything. Haven’t you heard the phrase, “don’t knock it til you try it?” Don’t knock the dude when you haven’t even taken him up on his offer yet.

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