Historical Tale

An age old story is told of a Princess who was engaged to be married to a Prince who would inherit the Crown. She had a bodyguard, a handsome valiant young man, whose strength was only exceeded by his kindness.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in each other’s company, they had grown rather fond of each other. She liked that she could rely on him. But he, he was in love with a Princess. One day, a certain situation called for them to pretend to be lovers, so no one would spot the Princess.

Princess: When the moon disappears, I’ll go to my fiance. Until then, please pretend we’re in love.

Bodyguard: It’s not love. Forgive my rudeness.
I am your shadow.
I serve you.
I follow you.
I protect you.
That’s all I’m allowed.
But, moved by your kindness,
I dreamed of being your Moon.
All my feelings are now hidden in the moonlight.
Only the moon knows whom I love.
That’s enough for me.

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I came across this portion of poetry, if I may call it, as I was watching something. I thought it to be really beautiful, and rather sad. But all ends well. As the story progresses, after a few incidents, the Princess chooses the guard over the Prince. And you know how these go… “And they lived happily every after” in exile πŸ˜€

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