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Up for a little dose of wisdom on this odd Wednesday? 

Image result for mason chiseling a stone

If you ever get a chance to choose between being a cornered stone or a round stone, choose the former. A round stone may be nice to feel and touch, but its already rounded, with it’s own ideas and philosophies, right or wrong. It thinks it can make itself better with its own philosophies, without any external influence. There is no learning for the rounded stone.

But the cornered, oh, what beautiful potential it bears in its ruggedness. It has the pleasure of being in the company of a masterful artisan or mason, who will chisel away all its flaws and corners and make it a masterpiece in and off itself. The cornered stone is receptive to being taught and learning things outside of itself, of taking up a better form, gaining a finer texture, soft to the hand. Don’t be round. Be squared and learn.


12 thoughts on “Stones

  1. It can also become an accidental beautiful piece too cause sometimes the mason will be chiseling away and think he made a mistake but turns out it just made the piece more unique. 🙂

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